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Permanent Account Number in Nepal FAQs

Permanent Account Number in Nepal FAQs

Permanent Account Number in Nepal FAQs

1. Income Tax (Income Tax)

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1. Permanent Account Number


1. What is a permanent account number? (What is Permanent Account Number?)

Permanent accounting number gives identification to each taxpayer ( Unique) And have permanent signal marks. It is nine (9) digits. Once the same person is able to change the nature or other details of the place or profession of the business, the same account number has been said as always for the taxpayer, as a permanent accounting number. Shortly it's PAN (Permanent Account Number) Is called The person is used for the purpose of paying this tax. This number is used to store personal information for purpose purposes. Business is also the number of employment and employment identification numbers. Example of this number of 9 digits to be harassed from computer system 100362257 This happens.

2.               PAN Why is it necessary to take? (What should I take PAN?)

Industry, trade, profession, business (firm without the natural person is an independent business), employment of the person himself transactions, banking transactions, the bills issued invoices, account books, documents and income tax as well as the entire record PAN details Due to mandatory mention of PAN To take Also this PAN has given a special identity by a special indicator to the taxpayer, and this PAN is enrolled to register its business and Soma affiliate. Due to the smoothness of the PAN   Lynn is required.

3.               I pursue excise goods to the separate transactions PAN Need to take? (Shall I take separate PAN number for if I trade excavatable goods?)

The first PAN to deal with the in-charge item The person who is eligible for the application is separate PAN Do not have to take Those who pay for free of charge are required to apply for permission letter and license. Same business PAN Based on the additional license only.

4.               The natural person and the company's PAN Different? (Is Personal and Business PAN Different?)

       Natural persons and companies with different PAN Take a place in permanent account number as indicated in connexion with the same specific number (Unique Number) Is given.

PAN   The natural person and the company do not miss the signal number.

5. I pan Which document should you mention? (Where would I mention PAN?)

The transaction himself, bills, ledger, income statement, including all the details of banking documents and tax (income tax, muakara, customs, even antahsulka) in the PAN   It is mandatory to mention. To get the convenience of tax-related services or to get any information, PAN Need to mention. PAN at revenue enrollment If the number is kept, the records of the revenue are in constant condition.

6. To register in income tax PAN VAT again after being charged Separate PAN for Need to take? (Can I get separate VAT number after registering in Income Tax ?)

VAT And income tax is administered by both the internal revenues department and the same PAN for both purposes The number is given. So two separate PANs   Do not have to take

7. The person who earns an income is the PAN Should you have to take it? (Should I Get PAN Number if I have income from income only or salaried? )

       3. Will be the job of employment Lacs 5 thousand single or 4 A person who has chosen a couple of more than one million people PAN from 2066.67 Arrangements are made to be taken.

8.               I am opening the promotional firm by opening private limited company whether I have a separate PAN for the company. Need to take? (Do I Need Separate PAN forPrivate Limited / Company Business After closing proprietorship firm ? )

Due to being a promoter firm (natural person) and the company is a different person, a private limited company (owned by a single natural person, as a separate legal person) is a separate PAN To take

9. PAN at the retail shop in Biratnagar I had taken it. By closing this business, I am preparing to establish the industry here and come to Kathmandu. In the Kathmandu Valley, I rescheduled PAN Need to take? (Do I need to take PAN number again on transferring business from one place to another?)

If the same natural person, instead of the nature of the place or business, even then the PAN   Do not have to be placed. Place your transaction or transactions, but has changed the nature of the matters ÷ format information related to Inland Revenue Office (PAN himself Take care of you)               Ma               Must give

10.               I have a wholesale shop. I invoice PAN also has the seller who purchases the goods Must mention? (Do I need to mention the PAN PAN in Invoice ?)

While issuing the Beel Bidding, your PAN Referring to PAN of goods purchasing businessman It is also necessary to mention. By doing this, a buyer paid the VAT You also enrolled Matching is easy and possible. Due to the real portfolio of business, the PAN on sale bill Must be mentioned. It should be noted that it also helps customers to keep your business accessible.

11.               Internal Revenue Department, PAN How do you know if you are not mentioned in the document? How does IRD know if I am registered and have mentioned PAN in Documents?

With the help of the Department of Revenue and the Revenue Investigation Department, the internal revenues of the PAN   Not Removed, VAT Were not registered, including tax bills and bills mentioned (Quote) did not monitor the works. For this, market monitoring has been provided especially. PAN Only the person who took the merchant was PAN In case of non-business, AAV may take legal action as per the Income Tax Act and Mo.K. Act. While the taxpayer as well as all notifications to its integrated purchase your goods because garekovata your business, you should know that when the additional tax burden by to take to avoid the PAN The number should be traded. This also reduces your tax interaction costs.

12. ' E-PAN' What is that ? (What is E-PAN?)

PAN of the Internet provided smoothly by the technology   Same ' e-PAN' Yes

13. ' E-PAN' How is it released ? (How is E-PAN released?)

Individual E-PAN The application form for available form 9, if available to the website, can be applied online at the Online Revenue Office online. With information from the same number of applications from the same online, the Revenue Division, from the computer system, e-PAN Issues


14. Business E-PAN Online for application How is it done ? (How to apply Business E-PAN online?)

  • Do not log in
  • E-PAN Click on
  • Click Get Submission Number .
  • Enter all details of username, password itself.
  • Submission Number Will be received.
  • PAN Registration Click on
  • Screen Please fill in all the details shown in it.
  • E-PAN you have chosen to disclose details Contact the approved institution to issue.
  • Help you get something unclear I can get help.

15. Personal e- PAN Who should take ? Who need personal e-PAN?

  • Government , semi-government bodies and companies. A person who has a house in the house.
  • Doctor , engineer , lawyer , lucky tester , personal counselor , insurance agent , artist and commission agent.
  • Rs. A person selling more than one million shares.
  • Rental vehicles rich natural person.
  • Rs. 3 Lakh 50 Rupees a thousand and a couple of rupees. 4 A person with more than a million taxable income.

16. Personal e- PAN Business from PAN How can I convert ? (How to change personal e-PAN to Business e-PAN?)

       Business registration is required for the commercial permanent account number change request, including business registration certificate application, you will be held in E-PAN Take Business with Business PAN Converts

17. PAN What do I need to know about Lynn and what documents should I submit to the office ? (What information do I need to provide for registration and documentation for PAN registration?)

PAN Natural person to take his name, last name, permanent address, father's name, date of birth, citizenship ÷ ID numbers are required to have information about. With a copy of the certificate of foreign-issued identity card in case of a passport or related diplomatic mission, professional certificate must submit a copy of a copy and photos. It is not mandatory for the permanent account number to take PAN Wanted Linen to have a copy of the citizenship certificate and photo.

18.               I pan How can I get the application form for Lin and where should I have this request ? (How can I get application for PAN registration?)

PAN Request for submission of registration for the loan can be obtained by downloading from the website's website. In addition to internal revenue offices , A.A.K. In the district, there can also be obtained from the Colleges and industry committees in the district.

19. PAN How much do I need to write for linen ? (How much fee do I need to pay PAN number?)

You are PAN   No type of text is required for linen.

20. The place where I live is far from the city where the internal revenue office is located. I own the place where I PAN Can not find? (Where can i get PAN number?)

Online download E-PAN online from anywhere on the internet The application received for submission (submission number) is included in ADA. Must contact The employer also pays the PAN on behalf of his employer Can apply for Thus the PAN provided by the employer The number is permanent only after the number is given.

21. ' e-PAN'   For what i online Can I get a form ? Such form of online   Submit explain filling Can also be (Can I get and submit online application for e-PAN?)

' e-PAN' Online for Form can be found and sleep online Submit to explain only Can be But PAN Take the card, R.A.K. You must contact.


22.               My industry still takes 4-5 years to get profits. If you have to pay profits and pay taxes on my own, then only PAN Do not you? (When will I get registered in PAN?)

No. Before starting the business business profession, PAN Apply for PAN   You can get it.

23. More than one PAN with the same person Can not be? (Can I have multiple PAN number?)

Can not One person's life (natural man or company etc.) is the only PAN Can take Same PAN Persists That's what you want to add to your business type.

24. PAN What is the benefit of me ? (What is the benefit of taking PAN number?)

PAN After doing business , it is easy to do business , export import , bank loans, and complete work related to revenues. Also transparency on your business comes.

25. I pan Find the form for requesting , but not to fill. Where can I find more information about this ? (Where can I get help to fill the form for application?)

PAN The department has made a brokerier directory for assistance to make a request. When studying this form, the form can easily be filled. Also, A.A.K. The Helpdesk ,Dhadhadh. In many areas, more information and assistance can be taken from the website's website and industry commerce organizations. If the information that has been filled in your form is different, then error is found if it is correct.

26. PAN What should photographs apply for applying for ? (Do I need to submit the photo while applying for the PAN?)

PAN Applying for applying does not have to be attached to the right of the natural person as well as the photograph of the body.

27.               I am a foreigner. I pan Can I get it ? What kind of document should I have to explain ? (Does foreign citizen need PAN and get PAN? What are thedocuments required by PAN to get foreign citizens?)

PAN , as per the prevailing laws of Nepal , according to the prevailing law of Nepal, industry , business , profession , business , employment or investment in Nepal To take Applying for this should present an additional proof of the other person's identity or citizenship.

28. PAN To apply for a woman to write a name to your father in the application form of a husband or in-laws ?

PAN The woman naturally applied to obtain the name of her father , mother , husband or in-law must be compulsory.

29. Non-residents with PAN   Who Must Apply ? (Who needs to apply to get the PAN of non resident ?)

Permanent establishment or representative of the non-resident in Nepal is the sole agent of PAN Lin should apply.

30. Do i pan Should apply for the certificate and the old income details and the advance tax kitty (such as home remnants), and the agreement to be held at home remedies ? Do I need to pay PAN clearance to PAN number?

PAN The applicant does not have to enroll the certificate or old income details , tax amount , advance tax amount. The remaining taxpayer has not yet been able to start the business. But come. Old taxpayer (including imposition of dealing with some of) the income statement for the purpose of revenue, may advance the demand. PAN Can not rescue. The settlement of the place where the taxpayer residing in the rental house and the settlement of the house should be required.


31.               PAN Before applying the practice, I had taken the tax certificate. Do I even turn back to PAN ? Take a look ? (I am doing business before application of PAN system, do I need PAN number?)

The person who took the old income tax registration certificate also got PAN Lin is mandatory. This replaces the old income tax certificate. But this new number regulates the business of yesterday.

32.               What i got to pan Must renew every year ? (Do I need to update PAN number?)

PAN Is a permanent identification. It does not have to be renewed. However , no changes have been made in the address of the taxpayer's address , business place or business etc. etc. To give

33.               I pan How much time has been applied for PAN CARD Can I? Until the sleeping department, I have a temporary PAN Gives? When will I get PAN CARD?

PAN Immediately applying for PAN A temporary proof of the number is found. But PAN Card Lin (the same PAN The signal is mentioned) Approximately one month should be waiting. This permanent certificate will replace your temporary certificate.

34. I would like to pay a tax certificate by submitting the income statement today. But with me PAN No. What should I do ? Can I get tax clearance without PAN getting paid after the payment applicable tax?

PAN If the deceased person has also made a taxable business, he should pay the tax details and pay the tax. PAN There is no liberation from the obligation of taxpayers. After tax and after tax, it is also found as a source of tax (tax payable). But PAN does not have to be punished , because Lynn is very easy and it can only benefit the taxpayer because it is credible for applying for PAN as well.

35. Who should take a PAN ? (Who needs PAN?)

Everyone should take the PAN industry , business , occupation , business or all the people (natural person or company etc.) and advance taxi (natural person or body - non-governmental organizations , public offices).

36. Where should PAN lin contact ? (Where can I get PAN?)

PAN Lin's internal rehabilitation offices , A.C. Contact the website of offices , industry commerce associations , employee bodies or staff members.

37. How much does PAN charge take ? (What is the fee to get PAN?)

PAN takes no charge.

38. What papers of PAN Lynn should be present ? How long does it take for a permanent accounting number ? (What are the PAN document needed to get? How much time it takes to get PAN?)

PAN should submit the following document.

For natural person : The copy of the citizenship certificate ÷ foreign passport, or diplomatic mission in case a copy of ID cards issued , professional certificate and photo 1 per copy.


For Body : The partnership firm ÷ The company registered a copy of the certificate , the application form signed copy of the individual passport size photos of 2 , sharing the partnership would form 2.2 per photo , the main transaction site or head office in a way that made the map.


PAN does not take time . Temporary fries with a PAN number are found immediately, but it can take up to a month for a time to make a PAN card.

39. What proof do PAN get after ? (What evidence do I receive after getting registered in PAN?)

PAN is found for a PAN card with a personalized description and photo mentioned on the PAN number .  

40. Should I have to take my PAN to send to another person ? Do I need to get the PAN in the office?

The application of PAN can be applied by means of internet or through other means of access to others, but when taking a PAN card, it should be self-present that the taxpayer should be signed (authorized by the authority of the body).

41. Home computer in contact with PAN to take the benefit is , no ? (Can I get PAN from home without going to tax office?)

The home can sit at home through the Internet through the Internet for PAN and application for such E-PAN is made temporary from the computer. But to get a PAN card, come here and get a card. Computer through the Internet to communicate with address is.    

42. What kind of legal punishment do I have to pay for PAN ? What are the penalties I need to pay if I have transaction without PAN?

PAN without undertaking a mandatory provision of the Income Tax Act in spite of Article 11 of the Act amounted to 9, according to a Rs 5 thousand to 25 thousands may be charged a penalty. Import and export of when or banking transactions or government ÷ public agencies concerned should work to implement the work when it can be.

43. How to get Personal PAN from the electronic system ? How can I get personal PAN online?

  • The Inland Revenue Department website in the log on this.
  • Invite Personal e -PAN .
  • Get Submission Number in the Click in.
  • Submission Number received after bees Get Information on the Click to enter personal details.
  • Scan photos and identifiers by scan .
  • A print or submission number related to the A.D. Contact No additional information is required you Help from the Help can be taken.

44. Who must comply with a personal accounting account number ? (Who needs to be personal PAN to get it?)

  • Government , semi-government bodies and companies. A person who has a house in the house.
  • Doctor , engineer , lawyer , accounting auditor , personal counselor , insurance agent , artist and commission agent.
  • Rs. A person selling more than one million shares.
  • Rs. 100,000 and the right to choose a couple of rupees in the rights of the person who has earned employment. The person with more than 2 million taxable income. Rental vehicles rich natural person.

45. What do you need to take a personal permanent account number ? (What are the documents needed to be Personal PAN?)

  • Identity letter of the certificate of Nepali citizenship or the rights of foreigners.
  • And digital copy of the photo.

46. What is the benefit of personalized accounting numbers? What are the benefits of getting personal PAN?

    Personal Permanent Accounting Number (ELL will be archived in the income-tax computer system that you submit and your enrollment amount can be viewed while you are willing. Also, if you need certification of tax enrollment, makes it comfortable and official.

47. I have taken a personal permanent account number , now I want to do business alone , can I use that number ? What should I do ? I have taken personal PAN, what I should do to proprietorship firm?

    You must apply for the same number to apply for a business registration and change the business permanent account number.

48. I am conducting a single business business for a professional permanent accounting number , now I just want to leave my business business , do I have to use the same number ? What should I do ? I have taken Business PAN , what should I do to be firm and do job ?

You must use the same number to give the necessary online application to cancel or suspend a personalized accounting number .

49. In which case, the individual permanent accounting number is found to be rejected ? When is Personal PAN cancelled?

     If the person died , citizenship, citing Nepal , a foreigner to practice in the case of income.

50. What is the process of dismissing the individual permanent accounting number ? What is the process of personalization?

The request should be filed in the openly related internal revenue office. But this number is dismissed by your deadline, otherwise this number remains in your name as a result of an accident.


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